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SVN integration in Jira Clouds: lists subversion commit changes linked to Jira issues. Allows intranet and Internet repositories

Tab Svn Gateway

Svn Gateway adds a tab on the bottom of each issue.

It shows the list of all commits you made where the issue label appears in the comments.

List of files

When you click on a commit line, the list of files appears.

Each file Added, Deleted or Modified is listed here

Svn activity

Shows the date-sorted list of Subversion commits. All your subversion repositories are merged here. Links to Jira issues are generated when comments contain them

More details

This add-on can be configured to work with:

  • Internet-accessible Subversion repositories.
  • Intranet Subversion repositories.


  • Link different Subversion repositories to the same Jira Cloud instance.
  • Svn tab in the Jira issue screen shows you the list of all Subversion commits you made against this issue
  • Svn Activity screen allows browsing at a central place all commits, related to Jira issues or not.

Advanced features:

  • You can use your own feed, thanks to an available API. This allows to implement a post-commit hook instead of a polling scheme.
  • Pre-commit hooks can be set up to ensure the comment includes a valid Jira issue. One can even set it up to mandate that the Jira issue is in a given state (Open, In Progress, ...)

Installation details in the documentation

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Integration Details

Svn Gateway - Subversion links in Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read data from the host application