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Enhance your project documentation experience - collection of macros including definition list and section

Employ Definition Lists

Use definition lists instead of tables. Definition lists provide a cleaner representation of terms. A definition list is especially useful to render a glossary.

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Use Your Style

Apply your CSS style to your definition lists.

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Anonymous Users

Hide parts of your page from rendering for anonymous users. Note that this is not meant to secure content from access - it is just for you anonymous users' web site experience.

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The following macros help to enhance your project documentation experience:

  • Definition List - Renders term and definition information as a definition list. Currently Confluence does not easily support authors to write definition lists. But definition lists allow to render this form of information efficiently.
  • Section - Allows template authors to structure content without cluttering the document for readers.
  • Hide From Anonymous User - Hides a text fragment from an anonymous user.
  • Hide From Viewer - Hides a text fragment from a user without edit rights.

Our projectdoc Toolbox contains versions of the Definition List Macro and the Section Macro that provide additional features. These features use the infrastructure provided by the projectdoc Toolbox (e.g. space properties and transclusion). For more information on the projectdocToolbox, please visit the projectdoc Toolbox website!

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