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Create message sequence charts inside Confluence

Easily insert MscGen code directly in Confluence

Inserting MS charts is now as easy as typing {MscGen}. Enter Message Sequence Code directly in Confluence. Add as many sequences per page as desired, edit in Confluence, and preview or render instantly.

Render and share directly in Confluence

See your inserted MscGen code as rendered MSC tables. Save and export as .PNG, or even better, right click and include a link directly to the image in Confluence, available to users outside your Atlassian ecosystem!

Error correction and debugging

Nobody's perfect… The MscGen plugin for Confluence detects any syntax errors lurking in your code and highlights them. Users don't even have to render a table to see issues - MscGen automatically displays error messages.

More details

MSCGen is a text language that can be used to generate message sequence charts to be displayed in .png format. Commonly used industries such as telecom, and robotics; message sequence charts are ideal for communicating and visualizing interactions and relationships between entities.

Until now, there was no way to create, edit, or share MSCGen charts through Confluence. We've developed the MSCGen plugin for Confluence to solve this problem.

By simply clicking a button, users can begin writing MSC code into Confluence documents that will be rendered into the corresponding message sequence charts. Our plugin even indicates to the user if there has been a syntax error in their code; and directs the user to exact line where the error was detected. With the MSCGen plugin for Confluence, your team will be empowered to view, track, and collaborate around their MSC code and charts.

Save time and avoid confusion in your documentation by using the MSCGen for Confluence plugin.

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MSCGen for Confluence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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