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Do you want to be able to change Comment security defaults? Now you can

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Specify security defaults globally

Specify the defaults security role/group for comments for all projects. Service Desk enabled seperately

Specify security defaults for a project

Specify the defaults security role/group for comments for particular projects. This will override any globally defined security defaults for this project.

Force Selection of role if default is not present

If the default role you specify is not present then you can force the user to make a selection.

More details

This plugin allows you to set the default security level for comments and/or change the color of the comment field to highlight visibility. The settings can be applied globally for all Jira projects and/or at the project level.

Specify different default role/user group for:

  • New comment
  • Add attachment
  • Log work
  • Link issues
  • Edit Issue
  • Assign Issue
  • Transitions (also specify per-transition defaults)

If the role specified as the default is not in the role list then you are able to force the user to select a value.


Set the background and/or border color of the comment field for comments that are "Viewable to all users" or all the other security settings.


Restrict access to which users will get default values.


FULL support for Service Desk and Jira Agile

NOTE: Any feature requests are welcome

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An example of different colored comment fields. Green for restricted access and red for viewable to all users