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for Confluence Server 7.13.11 - 8.5.3, Confluence Data Center 7.13.11 - 8.6.1 and more
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Share your Pages and Attachments Outside Confluence

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Publicly Share Your Pages

Share individual pages with users outside your Confluence instance. Share only what you need!

Your Shared Pages Look the Same as in Confluence

Shared pages always have the same style and content as the original page.

A Quick Overview of Your Shared Pages and Files

Check all the details of your shared links, such as the creator, number of clicks, creation date and last access time.

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Have you ever wanted to share a page with your lawyer, or send a document to a customer without giving them access to your Confluence instance? With Comala Share It, you can easily share pages and attachments outside of Confluence to collaborate.

Sharing is simple, and can be done in just a few clicks. Create unique links that can be shared via direct access, or sent by email, always rendering the latest content as changes are made.

Links can be set to expire, or you can remove them at any time.

You can also show your Confluence comments in your shared pages, or even allow external users to collaborate commenting in your shared pages using Disqus.

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