Command Script Runner

by Odd-e
for Confluence Server 5.8.18 - 6.15.10 and more
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Command Script Runner allows you to extend Confluence without writing any plugin

Execute script of your choice

Pass the page content in HTML to script and execute.

Result page after execute script

Display the output from the script in the result page

Executing script without page content

Executing any script or command without passing the page content

More details

This is a cool add-on that allows you to extend Confluence without writing any plugin.

You can write script in language you comfortable with and execute script within Confluence context.

Command script runner runs in 2 mode

  • Parse the current page content into HTML and pass into the script.
  • Without any page content.

Here are the preset key for the addon

  • script: - the actual script / command relative from $SCRIPT_HOME
  • script-parameter: content / none (default: content) , passing content to script
  • script-runner: besides using #! within the script, you can specify path to the executable like /usr/bin/ruby

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