Extension for Jira Service Management

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 9.0.0 - 9.15.2, Jira Data Center 9.0.0 - 9.17.1 and more
  • Jira Service Management

We no longer offer sales and support for server apps. You can stay connected by exploring the migration options to either the cloud or Data Center version of this app.

Make sure your request forms include all the information agents need to assist customers better

Take care even when not in touch

Enable quick and accurate request submission with dynamic request forms. Create bundled custom fields for user convenience and higher performance. Increase customer satisfaction with the support process.

Seamless process and clear expectations

Display SLAs, assignee details, attachments, linked issues, and dates on the Request Details View. Give customers valuable insight about their requests. Save the support teams' time.

Jira Service Management easier to handle

Customize to meet everyone’s needs. Configure the visibility of Customer Portals, request type, fields, and options. Automate restarting and updating SLA metrics. Synchronize Organizations and Jira user groups.

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Extension for Jira Service Management is the ultimate feature package that focuses on flexible customization of Jira Service Management to take your ITSM customer experience to the next level.

The app lets you:

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This app offers additional security, reliability, and support through:

  • Cloud security participation
  • Reliability checks
  • 24hr support response time
  • and more.

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Extension for Jira Service Management is a useful app for support agents, managers, and Jira admins alike