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    The agile roadmapping app, built for Jira Software - available on Cloud as part of Jira Software Premium

    The agile roadmapping app, built for Jira Software - available on Cloud as part of Jira Software Premium

    The agile roadmapping app, built for Jira Software - available on Cloud as part of Jira Software Premium

    Track the big picture across teams

    Forecast delivery timelines

    Get ahead of dependencies

    Create a strategic roadmap and track progress against your goals. With filters and saved views, see the snapshot you need based on real-time data from Jira.

    Understand the scope of your teams' work. Auto-schedule your issues or plan manually. Create multiple versions of your roadmap to account for different options or best and worst case scenarios.

    Track dependencies across multiple teams and projects to get ahead of bottlenecks and blockers that could impact how quickly work gets done.

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    Reviews for cloud

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    by Stacey King on 2020-02-03
    Does anyone know if/when the Program feature will be brought into Portfolio for Cloud? I cannot believe they dont have this available and are charging what they are for this. That is probably one of the most critical features for me and my teams.
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    by Gaurav Hardikar on 2019-10-04
    I really tried to like Portfolio, but it seems that all of the new features are going to the JIRA server version, not cloud. Unfortunate, as the new planning experience would have made a huge difference for our company. The current version on the cloud is completely unintuitive. I would suggest not bifurcating the experience between platforms like this -- it causes much confusion, and for what reason?
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    by Matthew James on 2019-07-29
    Very Average product at an above average price. We trialled this and it seemed ok. It is frustrating to attempt to get a Realistic looking GANTT style chart out of anything though. You basically have to go through EVERY issue and set the issue relationships for anything to work. I wouldn't pay for this. The pricing is ridiculous this is used by managers only , but you have to pay for everyone in your team... It really should be a free part of JIRA due to it really not performing as it should.
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    by Dominik Meier on 2019-04-12
    Okayish for project status reporting and to get a capacity overview but not at all usable as portfolio planning tool. The scheduling algorithm is a real pain and totally unusable. For instance, I'd expect it to accept fixed release dates and do everything to meet those dates, but instead it will just schedule tasks from some less important project without telling me why and then go on about me missing a release deadline... Apart from being able to enter release dates, which the system ignores, you can specify target dates for each task. But again this is purely informational and the actual schedule dates will have nothing to do with the dates you intend to have for your project plan. I also find it inconvenient that you are not allowed to perform any overstaffing. We work on both support and projects which at a rate of 50:50 would give us a ~20h project availability per person and week. However, due to deadlines with a 40h task it may be decided for a person to do no support this week, finish the project task, and catch up with support the next week. This cannot be done with Portfolio. It will stretch the task over two weeks and you cannot do anything about it. A lot of these issues could be solved if you were at least allowed to manually override some of the scheduling decisions.
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    by Stefan on 2019-04-02
    Used this plugin in a SAFe like environemnt and it causes PO frustration as they have to wrap their heads around two statemachines. It should have provided overview and clarity to inhouse customers but at the end we still have to maitain additional MS Project plans to really see a critical path. My advice: Use Jira for proper team level work organization and keep this in good sahpe plus have a proper plan on product manager level. (not in Jira.)
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    Reviews for server

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    by Daniel Robinson on 2020-11-23
    I have used portfolio (now Advanced Roadmap) on and off for several years with mixed results; however, the new interface is much easier to work with now. I have also found that auto-scheduled works a lot better when sourcing issues via a board rather than filter queries. A few improvements I would like to see. 1. Program planning doesn’t play nice with the latest user interface 2. No option to plan holidays 3. I love date roll-ups so it would be nice if auto-schedule only applied dates to child issues and left roll-up on the parents. At the moment we have to clear these after running auto-scheduling Overall, I think this is a great tool and has been invaluable in helping us forward plan.
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    by Steffen Liss on 2020-11-06
    Obviously no support for language packs. Not everyone feels well in English. This should be on your todo list.
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    by Janos Biro on 2020-10-09
    What should I say? It is a crap, unusable except for the very very very basic planning scenarios for which you do not need a planning tool at all. You are better off with an Excel sheet.
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    by Anoop Garg on 2020-06-04
    One of the worst product i have ever used. It is so buggy that i can't believe how an organization can really call such a product as shippable to customers. Every day i find new set of bugs and interestingly Atlasssian has no roadmap for those issues. Doesn't deserve even a single star...
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    by Alex Alex on 2019-12-21
    Where support 8.5.2?
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    Hey Alexander,

    Portfolio has had support for 8.5.x versions since 3.11 (released 23rd September) and we currently support versions 7.70 - 8.6.1.

    If you're having issues with Jira compatibility please reach out to our support team via https://support.atlassian.com/ so they can investigate your issue.

    Kind regards,

    Rhys | Product Manager

    Reviews for Data Center

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    by Jason Winger on 2021-02-22
    What a giant leap backward! Portfolio Live View was a great planning tool that covered planning, team and team member capacity, timelines, stages, skills, and so much more. Then the "new and improved" interface came in and removed nearly all of the key features that we were using on a regular basis. The new interface is clunky and not user friendly. Again, a giant leap backward. Using an Agile analogy, this is like going from a fully functional car to a skateboard. The "new and improved" or "Advanced" roadmaps takes this from a 4-star product to a 1-star product. If Atlassian decides to remove the Live Plan interface from this plugin, we will have to look for a new solution. This isn't even an MVP solution. They have added the words new, improved, and advanced to the product name without any actual benefit to the consumer.
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    by emmanuel rouillard on 2021-02-15
    Where are the versions for JIRA 7.x ?
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    by christopher.fry@faa.gov on 2020-06-25
    We are finding this to be very useful so far for use. The ability to plan multiple scenarios, create different views, visualize live feeds in Confluence for stakeholders (allowing us to add context to the plan) are just some of the items we are using. I hope Atlassian continues to invest in this and grow the features and capabilities.
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    by Francis Lowry on 2017-09-03
    Does not work with Jira core
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    by Richard Whitehead on 2017-08-07
    I found this very confusing to use, possibly because we are using the Software Development Issue Scheme, not an agile scheme. It was very confusing what was a task and subtask. Initially it scheduled everything at once, even though people were assigned to individual tasks, it ignored this. I had to assign each task to a person again in the chart. The “Gantt like chart” is not a Gantt chart, and I found it confusing because each row could contain multiple tasks, for different people. The Gantt chart is industry standard for good reason, it tells you what you want to know; if some developer thought they could improve on it, they were wrong.
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    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for providing your feedback on Portfolio for JIRA. We'd be more than happy to provide any support necessary to troubleshoot your Portfolio plan - please don't hesitate to reach out directly: bdavies@atlassian.com. Looking forward to speaking with you.

    All the best,


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