Repository QuickAdd for Fisheye/Crucible

for Fisheye/Crucible Server 3.2.0 - 4.8.11
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Allow non-administrator users to quickly add new repositories to Fisheye/Crucible

Allow users to quickly add new repositories

With just two clicks users can easily add their git, Mercurial and SVN repositories to Fisheye, without having to be an administrator.

Newly added repositories are started and indexed

When the repository is added it immediately starts indexing, so you can quickly search it and create reviews.

Allow only specific groups to create repositories

An administrator can limit the permission to create new repositories to specific groups of users.

More details

Provides a way to quickly create Git, Mercurial and SVN repositories in Fisheye/Crucible to non-administrator users.

Users can access repository creation using the '+' icon in the header, next to the quicksearch field.

You can define the groups allowed to create repositories in the admin section.

Requires Fisheye/Crucible >=3.2

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