Amazon S3 Connector for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.19.0 - 8.7.2, Confluence Data Center 7.19.0 - 8.7.2 and more
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Manage, upload, rename and delete files from Amazon S3 Buckets or any S3 On-Premise Object Storages directly in Confluence

Restrict Bucket access with permissions

Restrict Bucket access to individual users, groups and Spaces in Confluence.

Easily customize and configure permissions for each Bucket in the configuration menu.

See how to create an AWS S3 Bucket here.

Add multiple AWS S3 or On-Premise S3 Buckets

Add multiple S3 Buckets or override S3 endpoint to use own On-Premise Object Storages.

Share content easily and securely across teams.

AWS S3 Buckets provide unlimited storage, so don't worry about disk space again.

Manage files with upload, rename & delete options

Display Bucket data in a folder or tree structure.

Display image thumbnails to quickly find the files you need.

Upload, rename and delete files directly in Confluence, no need for context switching.

More details

The Amazon S3 Connector for Confluence is a powerful app that turns your Confluence instance into an unlimited file storage system. Combining a simple and intuitive UI with the power of AWS S3 Buckets allows you to share content securely across multiple teams.

To get started create an S3 Bucket, get an IAM access key, and add these details to the connector.

Simply insert the macro "Amazon S3 Storage Connector" onto any Confluence page.


  • Quickly add multiple buckets
  • Override S3 Bucket endpoint to use own On-Premise Object Storage
  • Restrict access to specific users, groups and Spaces for each Bucket
  • Upload files directly from a Confluence page
  • Create new folders to easily manage multiple files and projects
  • Rename files and folders with a single button
  • Display Bucket data in a folder or tree structure
  • Display image thumbnails
  • Customize the macro layout for your use case

If you're looking to connect your Jira instance with an AWS S3 Bucket try our Amazon S3 Connector for Jira app!

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Restrict Bucket access with permissions