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Gadget to narrow down your searches | Improve Jira search with enhanced filters | Customize Jira search with our Jira search tool

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The user's search experience is simplified

The user needs to just fill in his search value and doesn't need to bother with filter complexity.

Configure for your users on a shared dashboard

Configure a gadget for your users with a domain-specific filter and the most used fields.

User is sent to issue navigator or single issue

The user is redirected to the issue navigator with a constructed filter or to the matched issue.

More details

Searching for Jira issues has never been simpler. Refine your searches from the dashboard.

Are your users searching for a specific set of issues? Are they looking only for bugs in a certain state, assets in inventory, or invoices?

Provide them with the simple gadget on a shared dashboard with up to three fields.

Conditions entered into fields will be combined with predefined filters in this form: filterJQL AND (A or B or C). The user will be redirected to the single issue or the issue navigator.

The configuration is rather rudimentary: operators are LIKE (if available) or EQUAL.

This gadget can bring you:

  • Simplicity - The user needs to just fill in his search value and doesn't need to bother with filter complexity.
  • Clarity - With one glance at a dashboard, a user gets information about the issues at hand.
  • Efficiency - Displaying values with predefined filters cuts the search time needed for a lot of issues.

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