Jira Hooks for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 5.16.0 - 8.19.6, Bitbucket Data Center 5.16.0 - 8.19.6 and more
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Check the integrity of a code change against the corresponding Jira issue. Check your commits and protect your workflow

Hook configuration

The merge, commit and push hook settings enables you to configure the following checks:

Issue key, Issue status, Branch naming convention, Squash commits, Merge commits, Jira JQL, Rebase branch, Commit message syntax

Merge Protection

Is any issue or commit message not as expected, the merge will be blocked. In the screenshot the warning message shows, that the related issue "TEST-1" is in the state "In Review" and the expected status is "Reviewed".

Commit & Push Protection

The hook will check, if commits and the related issues are as expected (at commit time and push time). Is the commit or the issue not as expected (e.g. no valid issue) the commit and/or the push will be rejected.

More details

Jira Hooks for Bitbucket integrates constraints into the Bitbucket workflow. The defined conditions ensure the integrity of a code change with the associated Jira issue. If a condition is violated (e.g. the issue is not in the correct state), a merge or a push is not allowed. Jira Hooks for Bitbucket thus enables you to support the development process defined in your company with defined rules.

You can configure the following checks in the merge and push hook settings: Issue Key, Issue Status, Branch Naming Convention, Squash Commits, Merge Commits, JIRA JQL, Rebase, and the Commit message syntax. The hook checks to see if the issue mentioned in a commit, in all commits, or in a branch is as expected. If the issue is not as expected (e.g. if the issue is not in the correct state), the merge or push is rejected.

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