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We no longer offer sales and support for server apps. You can stay connected by exploring the migration options to either the cloud or Data Center version of this app.

Automation for Jira - the simple way to automate and extend Jira. Script-free, powerful

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Simple automation

Automating tasks in Jira doesn't need to be complicated. With Automation for Jira, anyone can use simple building blocks to help create automation rules in minutes. They might even enjoy it!

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Automation Pro offers a huge number of features not available on the free version. This includes 20 + components to work with, Data Centre support and the ability to work on related issues. Trial Automation Pro today.

Do more with Jira

From simple use cases to the more complex, Automation for Jira saves countless hours of manual work - with simple building blocks to combine in endlessly powerful ways and none of the scripting.

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#20,000 customers and counting

This is a free version of the award winning Automation for Jira app. It is a feature limited version but still contains enormous value. If you want the full experience, try out Automation Pro today!

Hand-crafted & supported by a team of former Atlassians.

  • The highlights:
    • Create powerful rules easily using triggers, issue conditions and actions.
    • Combine these building blocks in endless ways to automate your team using our visual rule builder.
    • Turbocharge your Jira Service Management with customer-focused automation rules.
    • No script or API knowledge required.
  • Some sample use cases:
    • 16 ways to assign issues - load balanced, round-robin and more.
    • Track SLAs
    • Set defaults for system fields

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