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for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 9.11.3 and more
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Handy shortcuts and workflow post-functions for Jira Software

Access from planning view

While in Jira Agile planning mode, in list view, you can choose to move your issue by using a shortcut [S] + [N] or by right-click on the issue you'd like to move to the Next Sprint, then choose "Send To -> Next Sprint".

Access from details panel

Alternatively, while in the Jira Agile planning mode, but in the detailed view, you can click on the "..." button and select "Send to Next/Current Sprint" action.

Confirmation contains sprint name

After the operation is complete, you should see a short confirmation prompt with the name of the sprint your issue has been moved to.

More details

Did you ever wish you've had a button to send your current or backlog issue to the first scheduled un-started sprint?

Well, we did too, so for our own sake we've developed an add-on to Jira Software and now you can just use shortcut "[s]+[n]" to move your issue to the next Sprint.

Alternatively, you can now use the shortcut "[s]+[c]" to move the issue to the current sprint.

Or "[s]+[d]" to "defer" the issue to the sprint after the next.

We also have "Send to Next Sprint" and "Send to Current Sprint" post-functions - irreplaceable if you are running Jira Service Desk with email ingest (i.e. things just keep coming) while trying to maintain some illusion of sprint-based planning over the same set of issues.

Enjoy moving things around in the backlog mode of Jira Software even more than before!

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