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    This app is compatible with Jira Service Desk.

    #1 Manual & Automated Test Management App for QA in Jira. Test Case Management, Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Jira

    #1 Manual & Automated Test Management App for QA in Jira. Test Case Management, Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Jira

    Manage all your Tests as Jira issues

    Plan, Execute and Integrate

    Reports and Requirement Coverage

    Manage manual and automated tests as Jira issues, customize screens, fields and workflows.

    Specify tests in cucumber language and integrate with test automation frameworks.

    Organize tests in folders and test sets.

    Create test plans for tracking a set of tests and planned or ad hoc test executions.

    Execute tests on different environments and consolidate results.

    Use your CI tool to report test results using the included REST API.

    View the test coverage of requirements with interactive charts.

    Analyze the daily evolution of requirement test coverage for a release.

    Add gadgets to your dashboards with test execution status and requirements coverage.

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    Xray is the fastest growing App for Jira and a Success Story in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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    Reviews for cloud

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    by Thomas Seiler on 2017-08-04
    We were searching for a new test framework that could be used together with Jira and fulfilled our testing needs. XRay was our first choice and so far we did not regret that. As it has tons of features, it is quite natural that it takes a while to know all features and to make use of them. Very helpful for that process was the great support of the development team. Questions to support are normally answered within hours and I had no case so far where I got no satisfying answer or solution. The plugin itself is quite powerful and allows to set up tests, link them to requirements, perform the tests online and create useful reports out of the results. This should cover any needs regarding coverage or traceability coming up from regulatory or quality management. Additionally (not tested yet) automatic tests are supported which could be a great addition in the future for us. Last but not least, there is a plugin XPorter that allows fully flexible creation of individual test reports and any kind of documentation as pdf, word or excel that is needed by internal processes and therefore provides a nice way to combine Jira for R&D and project documentation for PJM, stakeholders and customers. It is a great plugin and I am looking forward to new features!
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    by Paulo Sousa on 2017-07-31
    Xray was the right tool that covered our testing needs in hundreds of software and hardware projects, allowing us to deal simultaneously with manual tests and also automated ones. The transition from HP QC was easily overcome and teams started taking advantage of JIRA for the complete software lifecycle. Highly recommend it!
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    by Shiv Mahalingam on 2017-07-24
    The Xray plugin for JIRA has been very useful for test management. The support provided has been excellent as the responses have been very prompt for the requests raised. Also enhancements have been delivered in new releases very quickly. The training recording is very handy and provides excellent coverage of the features.
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    by M. Ventura on 2017-07-17
    Great add-on! It simplified a lot our workflow and tracking. We are using JIRA for some time now and most of our products and projects use it on a daily bases. One of our concerns was regarding the way to naturally embed the test management in the project development workflow and shortly after hearing about Xray we tried it and decided to move from our old tool to use Xray with our test specification, execution, reporting and even integrating it with our documentation using Xporter. This is definitively a good option to help you mange the tests for your project or product.
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    by Samuel Amiel on 2017-05-26
    My second review on Xray : In one word : GREAT. Simply great. Smooth integration within Jira, new "Test Plan" ticket that helps a lot and allow easy monitoring process and status display, some annoying bugs fixed once and for all, and with version 2.1, the last major issues we were facing are gone : test case importation is now easy, and the lot of new graphs are very helpful. The customer support is warp speed reactive and helpful, they don't have problem to set with you webex sessions to help you fix issues, and don't be shy, submit feature requests, you could find it implemented in a next version !!! Now strongly looking forward to getting an XRay version for Jira Cloud !!!! Definitely a 4 stars, must-have add-on for test management.
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    Reviews for server

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    by Игорь Толубаев on 2018-05-14
    Xray is beautiful! Some months ago we started use Jira for our projects. One of the main requirement was a good integration between our automation tools and plugin or instrument. We use calabash and cucumber for our automation testing and jenkins for ci. We were very surprised when were known about Xray, because it covers all our requirements. While we knew some more about Xray, we like and more and more. Xray provides for us following comfortable workflow due to REST API client - we can fast update our tests from IDE, add working test into test-execution. Also Xray provides good managing for our tests by Test Repository. Some days ago we found first problem of Xray, which was related with Russian language support on the features. We were afraid that it would be very critical for us, but support speed was another pleasant surprise. We have got qualitative help and new version of Xray with hotfix. Another problem wasn't so serious and it would be fixed with new released version. I want to wish to Xray's team only expansion of new users and keep your quality and support of the product on the such beautiful level! Thank you!
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    by Emanuel H on 2018-04-13
    Solid product my only complaint moving from tfs is that this plug in does not support parameters and creating test cases based on parameters. So 3/4 until they add this functionality; for any QA that is keen on saving time and writing test cases effectively this is a must have feature.
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    Xpand Add-ons

    Hi Emanuel,

    First, thank you for your review.

    Regarding parameterized tests, it's part of our plan for this year (2018) and part of our public roadmap (https://confluence.xpand-addons.com/display/XRAY/Roadmap).

    This is a common need and thus we aim to deliver this ASAP.

    Kind Regards,

    The Xray Team

    by Prashant Hiremath on 2018-03-14
    XRAY is an fantastic Test Management alongside JIRA. Initially, we were not sure about feature offered from XRAY as it is beginner in the market. Later on we have analysed the tool and is best in the industry that defines the hierarchy for test management (Requirements > Test Cases > Defects). As far as our understanding goes, this is the only tool that defines this hierarchy structure, Else without this tool everything has to be managed manually by "Issue links" in JIRA to define hierarchy. Also the CSV import option works great, since we can easily mention the link for any jira issues with the test cases that are to be imported (in our case linking between requirements and test cases). We can easily find out the number of times tests run with help of Test Execution issue types. Many more features are listed in this tool like test sets, test Repositories, test plan, etc. Extraction of reports is also much convenient as we get complete traceability report between requirements, test cases and associated defects. This tool is very robust in-terms of configuration. Everything can be managed by configuring the predefined features and requires minimum or no customisation on JIRA side. Lastly, the most important factor to watch out is the swift response from XRAY Support Team. These guys are excellent in handling queries and the TAT is too good. I would suggest to go with this tool if someone wants complete Test Management Lifecycle to be incorporated. Thank you XRAY team for making such an awesome product available in Atlassian Marketplace.
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    by Wilkyz Honey Da Silva Penariol on 2018-03-09
    We would like to share with you my ‘Xray's experience’ these last weeks. It was very easy to start to use the Xray plugin for Jira and you do not need to be an expert to manage this amazing and powerful tool. We have installed and configured in our current project; managed the repository, test plan, test Set, functional test case, etc. very easy by our own... On the other hand...if I needed some help, the support service was always there to help me quickly with an efficient response. From our point of view (we have that a few weeks ago) currently this is the best tool to manage of testing lifecycle. Thank you for this wonderful tool to be so helpful!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
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    by Brian Hackett on 2018-02-22
    Xray is fantastic. We already used Jira, and had searched a lot for a solution to help to provide monitoring of QA related activities, specially with the aim of just trying to have a way of building up test results, for auditing. There were many positive reviews of Xray, and after a 1 month trial, we decided that these reviews were correct. We already had experience with Zephyr, which is already good, but Xray does take pole position here. The integration with Jira is astonishingly seamless, and having requirements and tests and test results, all connected via Jira, really shows its value, especially after you begin to use test plans, to group test execution outcomes (test runs). Our QA team now find that the testing process is faster, because we can clone Jira issue types; Test Plan and Test Execution, and all the reporting overhead is done. All we need to do is set the version. In fact, Team City is creating our Xray Jira issue types, and setting the version itself. The fact that versions in Jira and Xray mean the same thing also makes this more bullet proof. We now work by looking at a report called Overall Requirements Coverage, that shows us the requirements that need tests created / executed for this version. As a QA person, this removes a lot of the stress of guestimating about which requirements are tested. The developers also love this product, because the stack trace from a failed test is also cleverly available within a failed test execution, making the whole process of bug reporting shorter and trace-able. I am yet to find anyone who has not agreed that Xray is amazing and easy to use. We use Cucumber (Java) and also Python for test creation. Xray supports both the Cucumber style and the more "generic" type of test. Finally, I wish to add that I am not technically brilliant, and the Xray guys have been amazing at supporting us for: * Jira configuration (screens etc) * jql help (jira query language) * checking into any issues that we thought we had encountered We really appreciate this level of close support. Especially when the support is a one-to-one VOIP call, sharing screens. I cannot rate this product highly enough.
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    Version 3.1.2 Jira Server 7.0.0 - 7.9.2 Released 2018-05-03


    Bug fixes


    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Atlassian Marketplace. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
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    4. Locate Xray - Test Management for Jira via search. The appropriate app version appears in the search results.
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