User Switcher for Jira

for Jira Server 9.4.0 - 9.13.1, Jira Data Center 9.4.0 - 9.17.1 and more
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Quickly change users to test workflows or give support

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Switch user by shortcut

Type 'x' twice in any screen to open a user search dialog. You can select a target user to whom to switch.

Switch user by toolbar

Type 'q' twice in any screen to open a toolbar with available target users. This is helpful for testing different roles.

Easy configuration

You can configure the group of users that should be allowed to switch users. You can also configure the group of valid target users.

More details

✌️ Switching users in Jira was never that easy. With User Switcher for Jira you can easily impersonate other users by using shortcuts. This can be extremely helpful to test workflows or debug user-specific problems.

✔️ Accessible in all screens

  • Type 'xx' to open a switching dialog.
  • Type 'qq' to open a toolbar.
  • Type 'who' to get current information about the user switching status.

🔒 Secure

  • Only system administrators can switch to other users by default.
  • Configure which groups can use the User Switcher and to which users they can switch.

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