Utility Belt for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 7.1.1 - 9.2.13, Bamboo Data Center 9.3.0 - 9.5.3 and more
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The essential tool suite for easy Bamboo administration

The essential tool suite for Atlassian Bamboo

The Utility Belt combines the "Staff picked" Project Variables and Nested Variables add-ons. It also includes Automatic Retry and the new Enriched Dashboard feature, which brings custom information to your dashboard.

Show customised information on the dashboard

With the Enriched Dashboard feature, you can show Project specific information on the Bamboo dashboard. Show team nicknames, the current version or even project management status updates directly on the landing page.

Get four add-ons for the price of two

The Project Variables and Enriched Dashboard features are essential to any Bamboo instance. The Utility Belt offers you both and also includes the Nested Variables and Automatic Retry add-ons for free.

More details

The Utility Belt for Atlassian Bamboo combines three previously separate released apps (Project Variables, Nested Variables and Automatic Retry). It also includes the Enriched Dashboard feature allowing custom text to be displayed on the dashboard.

These additions to Bamboo make the Utility Belt app an essential tool for managing your Bamboo instance.

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