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Makes add-on development for Atlassian Cloud or Server Apps easy with utilities to reduce context switching while developing

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Query string addition

Queries to show all of the web.items, web.panels, web.sections utilized in the the host applications - either from the app itself or by another plugin.

Configuration screen

Example Configuration screen to make the items, panels and sections always to be on. New in 2.0 - install AC from here.

Inspect AO, Events, HTTP and more

With 2.0 we've introduced various forms of inspectors to allow you to see more of the data hidden away within the product.

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NOTE: This plugin is intended to be used in a development instance. DO NOT install this plugin in a production system.

This app allows developers to find all available web-items, web-panels, and web-contexts in Atlassian applications to make your app development so easy!


  • Browse the structure Active Object tables (in Jira you can also see contents)
  • Seeing incoming requests
  • Inspectors for HTTP, Events, Active Objects and Properties
  • Atlassian Connect Support
  • Easy installation of Atlassian Connect
  • Run ACE Apps from within WFF

DO NOT install this app in a production system.

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