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Tasks for your DevOps workflows – provision and operate Amazon Web Services resources from Bamboo build and deployment projects

Continuous Delivery pipelines for AWS services

Deploy apps/services with CodeDeploy, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks, Step Functions; provision/run ECS containers (Docker) & Lambda functions; operate EC2 instances; use Systems Manager (SSM) Automation & Parameter Store.

Infrastructure as code with AWS CloudFormation

Provision CloudFormation stacks to manage your AWS infrastructure as code – inject Bamboo variables into the template parameters and reuse variables from stack outputs in subsequent tasks.

Asset and build artifact storage in Amazon S3

Transfer Amazon S3 objects to store assets or to deploy build artifacts to AWS services – use job artifacts or Ant patterns to select local files and directories, use key prefixes to select Amazon S3 object hierarchies.

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Tasks for your DevOps workflows – provision and operate AWS resources from Bamboo build and deployment projects:

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