SSH Support for Pull Request

by AvR
for Bitbucket Server 5.0.0 - 5.16.11 and more
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Create, comment and decline a pull-request via ssh command

Create a pull-request

$ cat pr.json | ssh git@host.url -p7999 pull-request

Received the following pull request:

Title: a

From: (TOOL/a) refs/heads/other

To: (TOOL/a) refs/heads/master

Successfully created the pull-request

URL: http://...

Comment on a pull-request

$ cat comment.json

{ text : "some text"}

$ cat comment.json | ssh git@host.url -p7999 comment pull-request TOOL asdf 1

Successfully commented the pull-request.

Decline a pull-request

$ ssh git@host.url -p7999 decline pull-request TOOL asdf 1

Successfully declined the pull-request.

More details

This plugin is especially useful for scripts. It allows an authentication via the ssh-key instead of having to use the username-password authentication.

It supports the following actions for pull-requests:

  • creation
  • commenting
  • declining

(Approving pull-requests can be done by pushing a local merge.)

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