Bitbucket Backup Client

for Bitbucket Server 8.0.0 - 8.14.6 and more

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Safely and easily backup your Bitbucket Server

Comprehensive back up

Captures up-to-date copies of your Git repositories, filesystem data and database data.

At a glance status

Keep your team informed on the status of a back up with the progress page. All visitors during a back up will be automatically forwarded to Bitbucket Server once completed.

Easily scripted

The command-line interface means you can use your favourite task scheduler (e.g. cron, Windows Task Scheduler) to automate backups.

More details

The Bitbucket Server Backup Client contains two command-line programs that can be used to backup and restore a Bitbucket Server.

The backup client generates a full backup of a Bitbucket Server. The command-line tool is easily scriptable and is intended for use in regular, scheduled backups.

The restore client restores a Bitbucket Server from a backup file. It can restore to a new database if the original database is not available (for instance, in case of a hardware failure).

The Bitbucket Server Backup Client requires Java 8 or above. Due to a bug in Java, it requires the additional command line option "-noverify" when running on Java 8u11. For more details on the problem, see BSERV-5069.

You can find more information about the Bitbucket Server Backup Client on the Bitbucket Server data recovery and backups page.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Atlassian's privacy policy is applicable to the use of this app.

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Users visiting Bitbucket Server during a back up are shown backup progress and are automatically forwarded to Bitbucket Server when the backup completes.