Jiraffe for Jira

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 8.18.2 and more
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Improve your users engagement and productivity with gamification

Personalize achieved badges

Get your users engaged creating new badges with your own images and personalize them to the needs of your company.


With the leaderboard in each project, your users can always know who gets the most points and with what abilities.

Custom rules

Your gamification strategy is unique, you need to customize it with flexibility.

More details

With Jiraffe you can use gamification techniques to improve how the users work with.Gamification techniques have been demonstrated be an ideal partner to engage the users and achieve the objectives.Customize your own strategy for gamify and get better engagement of your users. To achieve goals and transform the boring work in something pleasant, obtaining better result.Change your project in real adventures. Challenge to your colleagues to be the best, win prizes and achieve goals.Between the main features, the most important are:

  • Strategy definition with custom rules with conditions.
  • Conditions rules based on JQL, user conditions or value comparison.
  • Characters in each project.
  • Define Badges to achieve concrete goals, like release your first product version.
  • You can activate Jiraffe to the projects you want. Even only for the users you decide.
  • Ranking between the characters of the adventure, statistics of the team.

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