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Automate and control your Pull Request Workflow, Reviewers, Compliance, Approvals and Merge Process

Predefined Reviewers and Groups for files & paths

Configure pre-defined reviewers and groups for branches and file patterns. Each Pull Request for that branch will include these reviewers automatically. Avoid team spam - Code changes determine which reviewers are added.

Control the Pull Request Merge Process

Workzone can block a manual merge based on merge conditions like required approvals per group or file pattern, mandatory approvals, build results, tasks etc., or automerge the pull request if all conditions are met.

Compliance with Digitally Signed Approvals

CFR Part 11 / ISO 9001 compliance with digitally signed pull request reviewer approvals.Enforce digital signatures before a Pull Request can be merged.

Track digital signature history for compliance audits and reporting.

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Over 250,000+ users in enterprise, government and regulated companies use Workzone to automate and control their SCM process in a straightforward and intuitive way.

๐Ÿ” Smart Reviews

๐ŸšฆSimple or Advanced Merge Control

โœ Compliance

  • Replace Pull Request approvals with digital signatures to meet compliance needs
  • Enforce digital signatures as merge checks

๐Ÿ”€ Workflow

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