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for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 9.10.2 and more
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Quickly visualize sum of story points, project quality, velocity, average time spent, ... by simply using a filter and a function

Aggregate on the results of your own filters

Make your own filters directly in the JQL or select one of your saved filters. The add-on allows you to make basic calculations and display them on your dashboard.

Velocity and project quality calculation

The Project Metrics include a realtime calculation of the project's velocity (ratio of time spent versus point resolved) and project quality (bug fix time versus points solved).

Jira Wallboard ready

All gadgets included are wallboard ready, allowing you to present them among other wallboard statistics.

More details

This add-on provides you with a set of dashboard gadgets that will put a spotlight on the things that matter right away.

What is the state of my project? How much time did we already spent on this sprint? How many points are already completed?

View the most important metrics of your project at a glance:

  • Measure the team’s velocity: time spent versus points solved
  • Sum of story points / business value/ …
  • Average time spent
  • Total of remaining time of the sprint
  • Project Quality Ratio: time spent fixing bugs versus time spent delivering value (story points)


  • Aggregate a set of values without the use of a spreadsheet
  • Visualise the result on your dashboard
  • Jira Wallboard supported!
  • Use your predefined filters
  • Choose from standard Jira fields (original and remaining estimate, time spent, votes, watchers)
  • Choose from all your custom number fields (e.g. Jira Software story points, business value, ...)
  • Aggregate via Sum & Average
  • Automatically calculates the Velocity or Project Quality

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