Notifyr - Notifications for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 8.0.0 - 8.19.6, Bitbucket Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.19.6 and more
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Receive detailed email notifications when code in your Bitbucket Projects, Repositories, and Branches is updated

Choose what is essential for your process

You can choose when to receive notifications. It's possible to watch an entire project or be as detailed as a specific branch or path within your code.

Changes included in your email notification

You don't have to leave your inbox to see the changes in the code. A diff is included in the notification to give you a clear picture of what has changed.

Share with many

With the included repository hook you can send notifications to users and mailing lists outside of Bitbucket. The hook can be configured to be as detailed as you prefer.

More details

Notifyr - Notifications for Bitbucket enables your team to quickly:

  • Keep track of changes in important code
  • Get notified when branches and tags are created
  • Create repository hooks for notifications to i.e. mailings lists

Some happy customers include: Google, SpaceX, Visa, Apple, InnoGames

Notifyr's key features:

  • HTML notifications including changed files
  • Option to include file diff in the notifications
  • Notifications are sent when changes are pushed to Bitbucket
  • Notifications on branch/tag creation
  • Notifications on Pull request creation and merging
  • Highly configurable repository hook to send notifications to i.e. mailing lists
  • Change the notification templates to fit your organizations' requirements

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With the notification helper an admin can check if a user is or isn't receiving notification and why!