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The #1 user-rated Traceability app for Jira. Create Traceability reports, display Jira Issues links and hierarchy in a tree view

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Unified Hierarchical Tree View

A unified tree view to display the complete hierarchy of linked JIRA issues (including Epics and Portfolio hierarchy)

Links View Traceability Report

End to end traceability report displaying filter issues linked in form of various relationship type with your Jira issues in an easy to comprehend tabular format.

Tree View Traceability Report

Trace links at any depth for your filtered set of issues including orphan issues in an interactive tree format.

More details

Links Explorer is an apllication to enhance traceability of complex linked Jira issues.

Key Features:

Trace- Improves Traceability by providing end to end traceability reports & a unified tree view to display the complete hierarchy of linked JIRA issues (including Epics and Portfolio hierarchy).

Analyse- Analyse the impact due to any linked issue across projects and analyze the potential risks & delays using Interactive Depth mode & Filters.

Report- generate end to end Traceability reports to view dependencies at any level

Flexibility- This application enables quick navigation of issues & links from a single window.

Collaboration- Get real-time comprehensive information on linked Jira issue like issue type, status, priority, issue key, summary etc.

User friendly- Easy to install, fully integrated within JIRA, works with JIRA Agile within your Scrum and Kanban boards.

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Trace the links of any issue directly from the issue screen

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