SVN Mirror for Bitbucket Server

for Bitbucket Server 6.0.0 - 7.21.1, Bitbucket Data Center 6.0.0 - 7.21.1 and more
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Simplify your SVN to Git migration: import and mirror SVN repositories to Git within Bitbucket UI

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Smooth SVN to Git Migration

With SVN Mirror Add-On one may approach SVN to Git migration with baby steps - follow these instructions to mirror existing SVN repository to Git and let your team use both repositories as long as needed.

Automated Configuration

SVN Mirror Add-On supports all kinds of SVN projects - be it one with years of branches history or single directory project. Automated configuration will analyze project history and generate proper configuration.

Manage all your imports and mirrors

SVN Mirror Add-On conveniently displays all mirrors and imports in progress in a single view, from where one track mirror or import status or go to the mirror configuration editor.

More details

SVN Mirror add-on is the best tool to migrate your company's SVN projects to Bitbucket Server or Data Center!

For Bitbucket 4x-5x please use v3.4.10!

SVN Mirror add-on allows you to create a two-way Git mirror repository of an existing SVN project or to perform a one-time import from SVN.

  • Do not change what already works - add-on extends your VCS infrastructure without modifying what already works
  • Security and integrity of existing workflows is not compromised by migration
  • Users are happy to explore new Git workflow instead of suffering from the pressure to switch their VCS overnight
  • Migration is performed on the server side and is easy to configure and control

Read on fellow user experience - user story.

Install add-on and follow quick start guide to import your SVN repository to Git and keep both repositories in sync as long as needed.

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On-the-fly mirror configuration editor.