Teamworkx Revision for Confluence

for Confluence Server 8.2.0 - 8.9.4, Confluence Data Center 8.2.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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Follow-up / Reminder service for keeping Confluence pages up-to-date

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Activate reminder service page individually

The app provides individual activation for reminder on space and page level.

Additional editor macros for revising pages

Macros allow you to list all pages under revision or all out-of-date pages for the current space.

Preset of escalation periods on space level

The app provides the pre-configuration of default periods for escalation as well as the person to be informed when end of period is reached.

More details

Teamworkx Revision for Confluence marks a Confluence page for resubmission. It ships with assignments to responsible users, notifications as well as a 2 phase escalation feature. For each page, you could configure individual properties. Just refer to "tools" and clic on "revision". You´ll be prompted to provide a responsible user and the next due date for resubmission. An email notification will remind the responsible user about due dates. If nothing happens, the revision feature fire the escalation phase 1. That could mean another user or even a group of users get notified about outstanding actions by email.

The revision intervall for the Confluence space can now be modified in scales of weeks, months or years. Page revisions can now be adjusted to a day of a month or to a combination like the third thursday of the month. Further there is an information string attached to the page meta data to show who is planned to do the next revision and when.

COMING SOON: Data Center Version

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