Fastbucks: Automatic Invoicing for Jira

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.2.6 and more
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Painless and automated billing to online accounting systems from Jira Projects

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Invoice Your Clients

Jira Add-On that automates invoicing your clients from Jira projects. Invoices are based on Jira work logs.

Fastbucks Schedules Your Invoices

Schedule a time for to send out invoices or trigger an invoice manually to your clients periodically. The time spent on each issue (since the last invoice) is invoiced as a separate items - per issues or per user.

Select which issues are invoiced

Fastbucks let's you filter by status which issues are invoice. If only completed issues should be invoice, select the corresponding status in the project configuration.

More details

Fastbucks connects Jira to cloud based accounting systems such as Freshbooks (Classic) and Xero, schedules the invoicing process and creates invoices per Jira project based on work logs. Set the project hourly rate, the invoicing schedule, enter the connection credentials of your cloud based accounting system and let Jira do the invoicing for you automatically. The summary of time spent on each issue within the reporting period a separate item on your invoice.

... And don't forget to log your work time every day - it's money after all.

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