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Transform invisible daily activities into actionable insights and reports with the top-rated app for engineering leaders and teams

Analyze joined and individual contributions

Track repository or team dynamics with a graph summarizing the number of commits and lines of code.

View individual graphs providing statistics per contributor.


View weekly commits statistics

Analyze statistics of commits made over last year.

Commits Activity Report has the number of commits made over the last year grouped by week and detailed daily commit statistics of the selected week.

Learn what hours are most productive

Figure out which hours of the week are the most productive. Use these insights for planning your work.

Punchcard counts repository or team commits grouped by day of the week and time of the day they were made.

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⭐ This version of the app is for Bitbucket Cloud users. If you have Bitbucket Data Center, please, follow this link to find more features available:

🔥 Bitbucket Data Center

Awesome Graphs provides illustrative graphs and charts to visualize the contribution statistics in Git repositories. You get analytical data for monitoring, reporting, and planning.

Key benefits:

    analyze your team's performance

  • figure out when your team is usually most productive

  • see the dynamics of commit activity of each contributor over time

  • evaluate the efficiency of each contributor

You can analyze any repository or view aggregated statistics of all repositories of a user or a team.

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Integration Details

Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Ability to see all the user's account information
  • Ability to see the user's primary email address
  • Read access to pull requests and collaborate on them
  • Read access to all the repositories the authorizing user has access to


Analyze how contributions of different developers vary with Top Committers Report.