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for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 7.13.7 and more
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Include the content of a Confluence page within another page

Included Page

Shows the page that will be included. Also uses a placeholder.

Including Page

Shows the page that is including another page with a defined placeholder.


Show the catalog listing all pages that are intended to be included somewhere.

More details

📢 We are preparing Data Center compatibility. Have a look at our Roadmap for more information.

Include content with parameters:

Includes the content of a page dynamically within another page. Pages can contain parameter place holders. When the page is included, the place holders are replaced with given parameters.

Include within include:

Include Macro can be nested. If a parameter is missing in an inner macro, its value can be inherited from the surrounding Param Include parameter declaration. Recursion detection is provided to avoid infinite loops.

Describe your includes:

Let other users know how your include page is intended to be used with the Description Macro. Give hints about the purpose of your include page or how place holders are supposed to be filled with values.


Show an overview over all pages intended to be included.


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