Multivote & Enterprise Survey for Confluence

for Confluence Server 6.13.15 - 7.14.0, Confluence Data Center 6.13.15 - 7.14.0 and more
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Polls, votes and surveys - make quick decisions with your team, organize event participation and collect opinions of all employees

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Easily create quick polls for fast decisions

Use the Multivote macro to create single and multiple choice votes. Use it to make decisions about what to do in the next team event, where to go for dinner or when to hold a workshop.

Gain detailed insights with dynamic surveys

Do employee surveys and collect employees’ opinions directly in Confluence. Create detailed dynamic surveys: The questions available for users depend on their answers to previous questions.

Manage surveys

Choose from a wide variety of question types and translate your survey to different languages. Define who can vote, who can view results and who can make changes in a survey.

More details

✌️ You get two macros for your Confluence: Multivote and Survey

✔️ Use the Multivote macro to make fast decisions in your team!

  • As opposed to other polling apps, you can allow multiple votes
  • Multivote was the most widely used polling macro in 2020
  • Customer voices: "Simple and very useful macro! Thanks!" 😃
  • Multivote stays free for Server! Just install the App without a license

✔️ Use Surveys for complex questionnaires directly inside your Confluence

  • Granular permission concept on user and group level
  • Many question types: Single- and multiple-choice, open questions, rating scales, matrices and many more
  • Display different questions to different users depending on their previous answers
  • Inspect and export results
  • Based on the great library SurveyJS

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View a list of all your surveys and see their status at a single location.